Potential Problems in Printing – Description of Problems and Proposed Solutions

1. Individual motifs not correctly aligned.1. If motifs are all on one cliche,film must be cor-rected and new cliche must be produced.
1. Pads mounted off center.1. Readjust pad.
2. Pads not same shape.2. Replace pads with ones of correct shape.
3. Pads not of same hardness.3. All pads should be of same Shore hardness.
4. Head stroke not same over cliche and substrate material.4. Adjust head stroke.
1. Material is pliable.1. Switch to different material.
1. Jig not perfect.1. Check for play in jig, refabricate as needed.
2. Carre,adjustable, or rotary indexing table inaccurate.2. Check indexing.
3. Mounting screws not tight.3. Screws not properly tightened during initial setup; they become loose during printing operation. Tighten screws.

The simplest way to contain these deficiencies is to produce a new cliche with precisely registered film.

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