What are the Advantages and Unique Features of Pad Printing?

Pad printing opens up new possibilities which were not available with traditional printing processes, or which could be exploited only with great effort. To some extent, pad printing also replaces other decorating processes, such as screen printing, labeling and hot stamping. The form used for pad printing is a plate of etched steel or washed out photopolymer. As with intaglio, the image printing elements are contained (etched) in the non-printing surface. During a printing operation, the plate is covered with ink, the excess is doctored from the surface of the plate, and the ink for the print remains in the depressions. A soft, elastic pad then transfers the ink from the depressions onto the substrate. The areas of application are so extensive that dozens of pad printed articles are encountered every day in the form of commercial items, such as lighters, ball pens and toys, as well as housings, switches, keys, knobs and buttons in the automotive and electronics industries.

  • Pad Printing is possible on Variety of Substrates
  • Pad Printing possible on firm or hollow objects
  • Pad Printing is an indirect intaglio process, it capacity to print fine subjects
  • Pad Printing has High resistance properties of inks.
  • Pad Printing is Easy to handle with little maintenance
  • Pad Printing can print Multi color wet-on-wet prints
  • Pad Printing has Short change-over times, especially suited to small jobs
  • Pad Printing is Low up-front costs for printing run
  • Pad Printing required Relatively small space for operation
  • Pad Printing is Low on drying costs
  • Pad Printing can print High speed in rotational or conveyor systems
  • Pad Printing can be integrated into complex systems: online in assembly and production lines
  • Less attention required for ink in sealed systems, e.g., consistency of viscosity
  • Pad Printing can be used with variety of printing media, e.g., lacquers, adhesives, pastes, inks
  • Precise adjustment of tones is possible is Pad Printing
  • Pad Printing is Low up-front costs for printing run

Pad Printing Buyer’s Guide


Pad Printing Machine are available in a great variety of sizes, versions and with different drives. The printing pad, cliche and ink system are the elements common to all types. Differences are seen in the physical structure and layout of the components, as well as the movement patterns.


Closed Cup Machine or Open Ink Well Machine – Plates No Problem!!! We always have a ready stock of large variety of different sizes of Cliché Plates or Tampon Plates. We have around 65+ sizes of plates ready for the customer. Our Steel clichés are especially suited to high quantity printing.


The pad receives the motif from the cliche, transfers the ink film to the substrate and deposits it there. The pad must be constructed so that it is pliable, but guarantees transfer of the motif without smudges or blurring.Printing pads are made of silicone rubber and produced as stamps in a wide array of shapes, hardnesses and qualities.