Spots of poor ink pickup by pad in Pad Printing Machine?

Problem Solution
1. Too thick. 1. Add thinner.
2. Dried out. 2. Clean cliche with thinner.
3. Wrong thinner. 3. Use slower thinner or one suited to ink system.
Problem Solution
1. Insufficient etching depth. 1. Produce new cliche with greater etching depth.
2. Wrong screen ruling. 2. Test new cliche with different fineness of halftone screen.
3. Surface physically damaged. 3. Use new cliche.
Problem Solution
1. Too flat. 1. Use more tapered pad shape.
2. Surface roughened. 2. Replace pad.
3. Pad swollen. 3. Blow air on pad.
4. Surface too oily 4. Clean pad (several times) or replace.
Problem Solution
Problem Solution
1. Pad is pushed onto cliche too strongly. 1. Decrease head stroke of pad.